63 Lata Posture and it's influence on height Mannersdorf

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"shoePeople who are taller are seen as more confident, more successful, and more attractive. Height is also very important in shoe lifts determining career success and promotion prospects.
Poor posture may be robbing you of your due height. According to White, M.D., founder of the San Francisco Spine Institute in Daly City, Calif. "A strong back will allow you to stand as much as two inches taller." By not walking straight for instance with round shoudler, and a hunched back you are not as tall as you can be, and over time these bad posture practices have led to an almost permanent loss of your height. By noticing and correcting the bad posture can help you actually gain height. What you need to you is that walking with your shoulder back and your back straight you will not only feel better but will the result yourself.

Proper body alignment can have quite an impact on how you look and feel.


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